Selby Horizontal Directional Drill Successfully Completed

20th September 2012

With an ‘entry point’ south of the River Ouse and an ‘exit point’ on the opposite bank, could we do it? Drilling started on 12th July 2012 with the pilot drill head breaking ground on 20th July to within 300mm of the agreed ‘exit point’ 270m away!

The site operations are captured in the following slide show and comments, enjoy...

Selby Project - Drilling rig ready to commence work
1. After nearly a year of planning, at the rear of Selby Station the drilling rig is ready to commence using the ‘jetting assembly’ head which is used   in the anticipated geology consisting of clays, sands and silts.
Selby Project - Easy to control drilling rig
2. Easy to control! The driller can see the exact position of the drill path using some of the most advanced steering tool in the world.
Selby Project - Drilling commences to go under 200 year old Grade 2 listed warehouse
3. After all preparations are done, the drilling commences under a 200 year old Grade 2 listed warehouse which was formerly a railway goods shed.
Selby Project - Re-cycling plant
4. Re-cycling plant was used to separate over 100 cubic metres of drilling fluid (mud) from 150 tonnes of drilled solids which were all re-cycled.
Selby Project - Drilling with 'mud motor' head
5. When the going gets tough, the ‘mud motor’ head was used for a short section.
Selby Project - X marks the spot
6.X’ marks the spot. The drill-head should exit 1.0m below ground somewhere here!
Selby Project - Pilot drill-head punches out
7. The pilot drill-head punches out!
Selby Project - 270m under river,listed building, highway, river & railway
8. The entire 270m under river crossing was navigated to predetermined co-ordinates in 3D passing under a listed building, highway, river and railway.
Selby Project - Pilot drill-head punches out
9. Nearly 1000m of 180mm diameter medium density polyethylene ducts are pre-welded and lying ready to be pulled back behind the return reaming head.

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